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The Thing to Do

There are more wine collectors now than ever before. Part of that is the increase in The Multi-Millionaires Next Door in this country and around the world. Big new money is not an uncommon thing. There are a lot of guys who hit it out of the park with dot-coms, investment banking, syndication deals or inheritances who bought a house or two, a couple more cars than are strictly necessary, and got into wine because they needed something to do. This collector is keeping up with the other Joneses in a very elite club. It’s the Thing To Do. This is especially true of the ’tweeners, the guys who are impossibly wealthy compared to the garden variety rich guy, but can’t afford a plane of their own yet (and pretend they don’t want one despite their NetJet share).

The Thing To Do may have been into wine before the money came, or he may have gotten into wine because it was the next logical place to burn through a million bucks. He doesn’t make mistakes. He started collecting after the IPO money, so he has no reason to make mistakes.