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The Explorer

The Explorer is interested in the new new thing. He is all about moving on. He is like a talent agent who believes you’re only as hot as your latest discovery. I told one Explorer about a tasting that included verticals of Phelps Insignia (’77, ’85 and ’95), Cheval Blanc (’70, ’82 and ’90), and a horizontal of 1990 Echezeaux from some top producers (Leroy, Jayer and DRC). He called the whole lot of them “Pedestrian.” His reasoning, after I got over the shock, was that it didn’t take any particular genius to know that these would be good, even great wines. It took some foresight to buy them then, but where’s the thrill of the hunt in them now?

The Explorer is ahead of the curve. He’s on the web, devouring postings. His responses are the subject of table talk at your wine events. He hates when Parker validates his new find, because that signals the beginning of the gold rush. Next year that same wine will come out at twice the price, but he will have moved on again to the next new thing. He disdains The Point Man. When he discovers something new, he acknowledges the lack of a Parker/Wine Spectator score as a badge of honor. There’s always something new to discover, and the Explorer knows what it is and where to find it.

If The Explorer gives you a tip, act on it quickly.