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The Enthusiast

These guys are my favorites. They love it. They just love it. They love buying it and having it and talking about it and, most of all, sharing it with their friends. They love the friends they’ve made and continue to make through wine. They love the places they’ve gone because of it. My Enthusiast clients always have a lot of holes in the wall . . . and boxes on the floor.

The Enthusiast doesn’t keep the receipts from the wine shop, but he does keep the special menus his wine group has enjoyed over the years. He loves seeing the wines in his collection mature and increase in value, and he mourns their eventual demise as if the bottles were old friends he hasn’t seen enough of lately. Selling off wine, practical though it may be, is a difficult decision for this fellow. Getting the check is bittersweet.

The Enthusiast takes his wine with him everywhere. He toasts any occasion, even the passing of a comrade-in-wine, with a great bottle because, “That’s what it’s there for.”