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Small Time

Small Time is an accident that has already happened. He’s fallen and he can’t get up. His collection of a couple hundred bottles seems to have happened by mistake. As the old saw goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” He doesn’t know what he has, or even what he likes. What he does know is that there is some elusive wine that’s better than what he’s got, but he’s not sure how to take the first steps toward fixing the problem. As they say on the X-Files, “The answer is out there.”

Small Time is the embodiment of buyer’s remorse. He occasionally steps up to the plate and buys a case of something, only to recognize immediately that he’s made a mistake. When he’s in the unfortunate position of having to open a bottle for someone he thinks is knowledgeable, he asks them, “How do you think this is?”

Small Time’s taste is going to change.