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The Best Cellar is indeed a bestselling book in its category, and easily the funniest book ever written on the subject of wine cellars and wine collecting. It is, admittedly, a rather short field. Author Jeff Smith’s adventures in the wine trade are insightful and riotously funny.

“The Best Cellar demystifies much of the pomp and pedantry of the wine trade."
- S.S. Fair, The New York Times Style Magazine

"A must-read...Jeff Smith has put together everything you need to know about starting a wine cellar…accessible and filled with info for every collection."
- Don Zacharia, CEO, Zachys Wines and Liquor, Inc.

"This is an informative, well-written, and fun to read guide for anyone with an interest in wine. This book is a must read."
- Ann Colgin, Colgin Cellars


Wine collectors are a breed apart; they build up their cellars with the notion of whittling away at it as they go. Every bottle of wine you open literally becomes a part of you, and it means there is one less bottle of that wine left in the world. I've met many different types of collectors since I started this business, and they are an eclectic, eccentric bunch. People who spend large amounts of money collecting perishable things have to be a little nuts. The definition of a collector is someone whose purchasing outpaces his consumption. Every collector is a combination of these twelve basic characteristics. Which one(s) are you?